What We Do

We uncover opportunities to remove student and faculty pain then design and deploy new experiences that meet their needs.  

Since nearly every community college and university we’re aware of wants to increase student success, we’re confident your institution has a need for our methodology.

Think of Experience Analysis and Design as a lens focused on a particular set of experiences and you’ll be thinking the way we do about how to improve and achieve outcomes in higher education.

For example, when we examine advising we break down the process into a set of observable and measurable experiences. We do not evaluate advisors or other individuals—it’s not about airing “dirty laundry” as our methodology is largely anonymous. It’s about measuring discrete experiences to provide a baseline score—if you can measure it, you can improve it.


Experience Design Works Intro

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Whether you’re a private or public higher education institution, our approach is:

  • We’ll listen and ask questions to better understand your institution’s particular pain.
  • We’ll develop a program description and review it with you to ensure we’ve defined project requirements and parameters.
  • Upon mutual satisfaction, the Experience Analysis and Design (EAD) gets underway.

Leading technology companies also leverage our expertise in experience design to help their clients get more value from their technology investment.

Experience Design Works’ partners have been improving the student experience in higher education since 2003. We were the first to apply customer relationship management models to higher education, achieving significant increases in retention.

These results led to the industry trend in studying the delivery of experience from the point of view of the student and as a “customer” of the institution.

  • Our work analyzing and designing advising experiences measurably improved persistence and graduation rates at several large four-year institutions.
  • Through the years, our methodologies have been applied to every phase of the student lifecycle with measurable improvements to show.

Today we work with community college systems and four-year universities alike to increase student success.

Redesigned experiences nearly always require changes in both technology and human behavior. That’s why the Experience Analysis and Design (EAD) methodology goes beyond traditional attitudinal measurements of student and faculty satisfaction to explore, from a behavioral perspective, the systemic ways in which students and faculty meet their curricular and co-curricular needs. Based on a rigorous analysis of rich ethnographic, qualitative and quantitative research, the EAD process engages a variety of stakeholders to rapidly and thoroughly understand problems and produce actionable solutions designed to improve the student and faculty experience.

Our methodology uncovers opportunities to remove student and faculty dissatisfaction and pain by designing and deploying engaging and effective experiences that meet their evolving needs.

  • Community colleges across America, including schools in Arizona, Hawaii and West Virginia have found our methodology and results to be unique in higher education, solving a critical problem facing community colleges today—actually measuring the effect of student experience on outcomes.
  • Schools have adopted it as a measurement system to provide accountability and evidence of the linkage between student experience and institutional outcomes objectives—an increasingly important part of the federal funding process.


We would love the opportunity to talk with you about a challenge that your university, college or educational technology company is facing that we can help you solve by leveraging a deep understanding of the student and faculty experience.

Please give us a little information about you and your challenge and we’ll set up a call to talk more about how Experience Design Works can engage with you. Your information will be kept strictly confidential, and EDW will not share your information with any other third-party companies or services.

What challenge are you currently facing?